October 4, 2012

Outfit of the Day
 It is days like today where it is hard to tell whether or not it is summer or fall outside. By pairing a slouchy, loose-knit sweater with my destroyed denim cutoffs. During the fall and winter season I wear my combat boots quite often! Pairing a feminine blush or cream colored sweater & knit socks with military inspired shoes brings so much character to an outfit!

Slouchy Chic

1. slouchy sweater | udobuy.com $39
2. tortoise sunnies | Kate Spade $128
3. knitted headband | Roots $22
4. tortoise boyfriend watch | Michael Kors $250
5. frayed cutoffs | Ksubi Alberceque $180
6. combat boots | Matiko Knightly $210
7. knitted socks | Hunter Moss $40

This outfit I have put together (above) includes some pricey items by designers such
as the always reliable Michael Kors and the oh so fab Kate Spade, but you can find
this exact outfit on a tight budget....because I did! Take some time next time you are
out shopping to comb through the clearance and sale racks. Who knows? You could
come home with some lovely treasures!

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes... I hate this time of year because it feels so "in between." Like, please pick one, either fall weather or summer weather but don't do this in between stuff! This is the PERFECT outfit for one of those days!