October 10, 2012

weekend adventures

This past weekend, I had a unique opportunity to be a model for a day! My sweet fiance's mother has started a brand new business called Mama Sweet's which focuses on all the vintage little details you would need for an antique soiree. She does everything from weddings to baby showers. She has the most beautiful collection of vintage pieces I have ever seen & I will definitely be using some of her pieces for my own wedding in 2 years....

Anyways...back to this weekend's adventures. So she asked Zack & I to do a photoshoot featuring some of her things from her company. And of course, I was way too excited to say no! My fiance, Zack, is an amazing photographer and edited all of the pictures we took! Here are a few of the beautiful pictures we took:

My fiance is also a blogger and you can find him at A Picture is Worth a Blog Post. And if you love this photography you can also check out his Flickr!

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