November 28, 2012


As you all might know, I am a part of the amazing Little Problems Marketing & Advertising team! With my obsession with blogging, I am the Lead Blog Contact Manager & absolutely love it!

 This past Monday was LP's half birthday & we want to celebrate it with all of our fans! From now until November 30th we are selling our koozies for only $3! How exciting is that?!

Our koozies make the perfect gifts for Bigs and Little this Christmas! & for only $3, that's a steal! We have two designs available: "Little gets what Little wants" & "Like Big like Little" to choose from!

I can't help it that my Big is so obsessed with me #littleproblems
Pearls, class, and a little bit of sass, that's what Littles are made of #littleproblems
My Big is the only person who actually knows exactly how sparkly my princess crown is #littleprobs
When someone compliments something just because I can say "My Big got it for me!" #littleprobs
I wonder what it's like to be the second favorite little. I wouldn't know. #littleprobs #princesslittle


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