November 18, 2012

may books

You can thank Miss Mica May for these beautifully eco-friendly notebooks and agendas! These little beauties are perfect size to slip into your purse or book bag when you're on the go! There is plenty of room on each page to write everything you need, plus they look amazing too! 

There is a May Book out there for every woman since they are completely customizable! You can pick your pattern, monogram,  and even the inside pages! Here are a few of my fave May Books:

These little notebooks are perfect for taking notes in any organization meeting or in class! I highly recommend owning at least one May Book...or 2 or 3. You can never have too many pretty notebooks! It is easy to see the love and care that is invested in each May Book! I got a May Book agenda made for my Little and she absolutely LOVES it!

And is too short for an ugly notebook!

Which May Book design is YOUR favorite?

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