January 13, 2013

I know it is a little past Christmas, but I never got around to posting about some of my favorite presents I received from the people who just love to spoil me!

This pullover is perfect for those chilly winter mornings where you still want to look put together, but comfy as well! This little beaut was from Santa.

Military Parka (similar)
I never knew how much I would love this jacket! It's so versatile and I wear it almost every single day! The one i got was from Old Navy and looks almost exactly like this one! It is perfect!

I have been swooning over this tote for like 3 years now & I finally got it! It is the perfect size and colors and EVERYTHING! I have been switching off and on between this and my new Longchamp tote ever since Christmas!

I will never have to buy another palette of eyeshadow with this baby! I am not the greatest at applying or always wearing makeup, but I am loving these beautiful natural colors! So worth the $50!

Kindle Paperwhite
My wonderful and handsome and awesome fiance got me this gift and I can't seem to put it down! He also proceeded to put the first 3 Harry Potter books on it! Which was even more awesomer! I love this Kindle because I can read it at night before I go to bed AND while I'm laying by the pool! It is perfect!

6'' LL Bean Boots
I never thought these shoes could be worn as much as I have worn them already. PROVEN WRONG. These are such an amazing investment for any fashionista because they are versatile & precious! How much better can it get!?

What were some of YOUR favorite Christmas presents you received? 

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