March 27, 2013

 My mom and I have an annual tradition of going out and picking our Easter dresses out together & I absolutely love it! Mother-daughter bonding time is so important to me & there are so many mother-daughter date ideas you can choose from......mine and my mom just have a shopping addiction. NBD. I am definitely my mother's daughter in that sense.

Anyways...back to the dresses. Some of my very favorite dresses in my closet have been my Easter dresses! I already have my dress for this year and I'm obsessed with it! Maybe you guys will be lucky enough to see  it! Here are some of my past Easter dresses:

Easter 2008 (Throwback!)
Dress Barn

Easter 2011
Dress Barn (left)

Easter 2012

Here are some of my fave Easter dresses
I have found for this year!
Jessica Floral Tunic in Peach

 Spirograph Dress

Aqua Spot Jacquard Dress

 White Bell Dress

Sleeveless Floral Swing Dress
ASOS $42

Love Plunge Dress
ASOS $64 

Julianna Dress
Of course, I had to add a perfect Lilly Easter dress! Hey, a girl can dream right?

Where do you shop for your Easter dresses?


  1. Wish we celebrated Easter and got dresses. I miss celebrating with family. Now that we are a bit older we don't do anything. :( Hope you find a super cute one!