March 2, 2013

This past week, my sorority had a great social! We have had a tradition within the past few years of a date night social called Sister Pick your Mister where the sisters bring their dates and wear their ties. This year our amazing social chair decided to put a fun little twist and make it a Barbie & Ken themed social! Some of the outfits I saw were so great!
Please excuse the quality of these pictures that were taken in the dark by my iPhone.

I went as Bridal Barbie of course! & Zack went as my Groom Ken!

He was such a handsome Ken ;)

I decided I would put together a few Barbie costume ideas that I saw last night, starting with mine of course!

1. $5 veil from Walmart 
2. Little White Dress 
3. bouquet
4. neon pink belt
 5. white tights
6. glitter loafers

 My Little and Molly were 80s workout Barbies!


1. sweatband
2. leggings
3. neon tank
4. slouchy white crop top
5. neon Nikes
6. leg warmers

My roommate went as a Cat Burglar Barbie & I loved the idea!

1. black mask
2. black leggings
3. black top
4. black gloves
5. black shoes

We also had some other very creative Barbies show up, such as: Granny Barbie, Equestrian Barbie, & Cripple Barbie (complete with crutch). It was such a fun night! 


  1. That is such a fun theme! I think my favorite is the 80's work out Barbie outfits...but I am a sucker for some neon...haha.
    Penniless Socialite