April 24, 2013

It is that time of the semester again: FINALS WEEK! I am not one to handle stress very well and so I tend to have a few mental breakdowns come finals time so please bear with me from now until the end of next week. I have a few things that help me get through finals week & maybe they can help you too!

1. Planner: I never go ANYWHERE without my planner, no matter the time of year it is. I especially have it during finals week. I am using a jumbo Lilly planner right  now, but I just love this nautical stripe planner from Etsy!

2. Carry-All Tote: My Longchamp tote has been my go-to carry-all ever since I received it at Christmas! It is perfect for carrying binders, books, small laptop, iPad, & any school supplies you may need in the library!

3. Chacos: I wear these bad boys pretty much every day. They're great since they are river sandals so they are okay to get wet in case it rains!

4. Leggings: I mean, do I need to say anything? Leggings are perfect because you are comfortable no matter what you are doing!

5. Writing Utensils: At least if you are writing with pretty utensils it is not so bad right? I am dying for the Lilly Pulitzer Pens & Highlighters!

6. Snacks: Almonds are one of the best healthy snacks for you! They are yummy and are great for clearing up your skin during finals week when you're stressed out! And of course I always carry a little Reese Cup with you to treat myself!

7. Cup: The only thing I drink is water. No coffee, no sodas, no juices, no nothing. I know I'm crazy but it makes me feel great & nothing wakes me up like a giant glass of cold water!

8. Collegiate Sweatshirt: I love my Duke sweatshirt my fiancé bought me for Christmas (let's go devils!)  & carry it with me everywhere! The library stays cold & I just can't focus when I'm freezing! A nice comfy sweatshirt can still be chic if paired with the right items!

April 19, 2013

I was browsing through one of my all time fave stores, H&M, and it hit me.....they are doin' it right this season! I kept finding more and more pieces that I absolutely needed to have in my closet for the summer! A few of the pieces I fell head over heels for are not offered in my market (whatever that means) & this depresses me. So I am still on the  hunt for the perfect pair of faux leather leggings with jersey side panels for a good price.

Leather Leggings $20 / Dipped Pineapple Earrings $12 / Neon Satchel $15
White Peplum $31 / Nude Heels $38 / Tropical Shift Dress $38
Kaftan Dress $25 / Sunnies $10 / Snakeskin Slingbacks $31 / Ombre Scarf $12
Wrap Top $25 / Tweed Shorts $27 / Military Vest $46
Gold Chain $12 / Straw Fedora $11 / Tulip Skirt $27
Military Blouse $31 / Strappy Sandals $23 / Ruffle Dress $20 / Bone Tote $23

April 15, 2013

I didn't use to be such a makeup or beauty product junkie, but that quickly changed when I started college. All of the different products that a woman needs is just too much and too expensive! But I realized that each product that I have purchased does something for your overall beauty and is a good investment for any fashionista to make!

Whether you are walking through the cosmetic section in your local drugstore or frolicking through Sephora or Ulta, it is so overwhelming! There are so many different companies, with differing product and pricing that all do about the same thing. My fiancé will tell you that I am the world's worst decision maker! I just never know what products will work and don't work or won't look pretty on my skin tone or won't bring out my eyes....my head is reeling by the time I walk away from any cosmetic aisle!

But have no fear, Pampadour is here! A one-stop social networking site for all of your beauty product needs! Pampadour is simply the Pinterest of beauty products with Facebook & Twitter-like aspects that make this new beauty phenomenon the best of every social media platform! Below is a snapshot of exactly what Pampadour looks like:

There are four main actions that you can do with Pampadour:
pamp it: Essentially this is the "Pin It!" button. You can create your own beauty profile and "pamp" any products, pictures or video clips to your own board.
adour it: This is the same as the "heart" or "like button" on Pinterest or Facebook.
tag it: You can "tag" products that are used in a particular photograph. For example: if you hover over the lips on the photograph then the product that was used to create that look will pop up in a little window near the lips. This is pretty nifty!
clip it: This action is used when you have found a video clip or a picture that you like and you can upload it to Pampadour yourself! 

Pampadour has contacted me and offered 2 amazing prizes! In celebration of their launch, 2 lucky winners will receive a gift basket filled with $100 worth of products from Votre Vu and Talika (both sponsored by Fournier PR + Consulting!) 

April 12, 2013

I know I have been slacking here lately in the blogging world, but I haven't in the real world! I have been putting together some of my fave outfits here lately with some bargain items I have recently snagged! I am so excited for this warm weather because  I have been able to break out some great springy pieces!

baubles + stripes
 J. Crew shirt gift / Banana Republic Jeans $25 / Target Leopard Flats $16
Nine West Tote $30 / Green Bauble Necklace gift / Kohls Watch $5

Easter Sunday
 Gabby Skye Dress $45 / Charming Charlie Necklace $5
 Nine West Tote $30 / TJ Maxx Nude Wedges $30

tweed + maxi
 Tweed Target Jacket $10 / TJ Maxx Tank $12 / TJ Maxx Maxi $12 / Cobalt Necklace gift
Charming Charlie Bow Bracelet $10 / Charlotte Russe Spike Bracelet $8 / Nine West Tote $30

floral + neon
Sheer Blouse $15 / Flower rue21 Necklace $4 / Floral Skinnies $9
Glitter Target Sandals $17 / Kathy Bag old

floral + glitter
Floral Dress $15 / Flower rue21 Necklace $4 / Glitter Target Sandals $17
Nine West Tote $30 / Charming Charlie Sunnies $12

April 10, 2013

Alexandra Grecco has the perfect flirty and romantic pieces for your spring and summer wardrobe this year! All of her designs are whimsical and feel like they were taken from a dream! All of her items for this spring and summer seasons are up for re-order right now & are already going quick! Snag a few investment pieces for this year!

The Gretta Ivory Tulle Skirt $188

Raleigh Macrame Blouse $118

The Veranda Dress $315

And while you're at it, you might want to snatch up some of her fall/winter collection because it is one sale! I know these pieces are a little on the pricey side, but they're so timeless that it is worth it!

Julie Dress $330 $115

Layered Cake Dress $330 $115

April 8, 2013

This past weekend was one for the books! It was my third formal with my beautiful Delta Zeta sisters & it was most definitely the best one yet! The dance floor was packed, the food was greasy, and the drinks were good! There were some beautiful dresses this year!

 I had the most handsome date there, by far! ;)

 Love you Granny!

 Emily's LBD number was so sassy!

 Loved my roomie's dress!

 Alyssa was rockin' that red lip!

My gorgeous fammie! We even color coordinated ;)

 Probably my fave picture of the night....channeling my inner Tyra.

Our sisterhood is filled with so many beautiful hearts!
I am so blessed to be surrounded by women such as these!

April 7, 2013

RIP Lilly
November 10, 1931 - April 7, 2013

Today we celebrate the life of Lilly Pulitzer. She was such an inspiration to women all across America! She brought color and brightness to so many lives with her playful patterns and classic silhouettes! May she continue to live on in our hearts and in our closets. I think I need to buy a Lilly dress of my own to pay my tribute!

April 3, 2013

I have developed a new spring obsession: FLORAL PANTS! I used to hate the thought of wearing floral prints on anything due to a fear of looking like my grandmother's couch or my mother's drapery, but I have overcome my fear and purchased my very first pair of floral print pants....I cannot seem to get enough of them!

sheer blouse: TJ Maxx $16 // Floral Skinnies: Belk $9 // Flower Necklace: RUE21 $5
Glitter Sandals: Target $17 // Bag: Kathy Van Zeeland

Floral skinnies are fun, fab, and surprisingly versatile!There are so many ways you can wear floral! I have found some gorgeous skinnies that are definitely at the top of my wish list for this spring:

1 Ralph Lauren $155 // 2 Parisian32 $38 // 3 Hudson $198
4 BooHoo $40 // 5 Vero Moda $49 // 6 MOTO $84

How do you rock the floral skinnis trend? I'll show you....

 Perfect pastels: Throw a fun blazer and some neutral flats!

 Preppy Flowers: Layer up with a jacket and crisp solid shirt.

 Flirty & Fun: Pair busy, bright florals with a simple white tee & fun sandals!
Powder Power: A powder blue sheer shirt goes perfectly with these great skinnies!

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