April 19, 2013

I was browsing through one of my all time fave stores, H&M, and it hit me.....they are doin' it right this season! I kept finding more and more pieces that I absolutely needed to have in my closet for the summer! A few of the pieces I fell head over heels for are not offered in my market (whatever that means) & this depresses me. So I am still on the  hunt for the perfect pair of faux leather leggings with jersey side panels for a good price.

Leather Leggings $20 / Dipped Pineapple Earrings $12 / Neon Satchel $15
White Peplum $31 / Nude Heels $38 / Tropical Shift Dress $38
Kaftan Dress $25 / Sunnies $10 / Snakeskin Slingbacks $31 / Ombre Scarf $12
Wrap Top $25 / Tweed Shorts $27 / Military Vest $46
Gold Chain $12 / Straw Fedora $11 / Tulip Skirt $27
Military Blouse $31 / Strappy Sandals $23 / Ruffle Dress $20 / Bone Tote $23


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