April 24, 2013

It is that time of the semester again: FINALS WEEK! I am not one to handle stress very well and so I tend to have a few mental breakdowns come finals time so please bear with me from now until the end of next week. I have a few things that help me get through finals week & maybe they can help you too!

1. Planner: I never go ANYWHERE without my planner, no matter the time of year it is. I especially have it during finals week. I am using a jumbo Lilly planner right  now, but I just love this nautical stripe planner from Etsy!

2. Carry-All Tote: My Longchamp tote has been my go-to carry-all ever since I received it at Christmas! It is perfect for carrying binders, books, small laptop, iPad, & any school supplies you may need in the library!

3. Chacos: I wear these bad boys pretty much every day. They're great since they are river sandals so they are okay to get wet in case it rains!

4. Leggings: I mean, do I need to say anything? Leggings are perfect because you are comfortable no matter what you are doing!

5. Writing Utensils: At least if you are writing with pretty utensils it is not so bad right? I am dying for the Lilly Pulitzer Pens & Highlighters!

6. Snacks: Almonds are one of the best healthy snacks for you! They are yummy and are great for clearing up your skin during finals week when you're stressed out! And of course I always carry a little Reese Cup with you to treat myself!

7. Cup: The only thing I drink is water. No coffee, no sodas, no juices, no nothing. I know I'm crazy but it makes me feel great & nothing wakes me up like a giant glass of cold water!

8. Collegiate Sweatshirt: I love my Duke sweatshirt my fiancé bought me for Christmas (let's go devils!)  & carry it with me everywhere! The library stays cold & I just can't focus when I'm freezing! A nice comfy sweatshirt can still be chic if paired with the right items!


  1. Good luck on your finals!