April 1, 2013

Over the weekend, my fiance & I went to look at wedding bands for both of us & had such an incredible experience......without even buying anything! The people that work in the Kay's Jewelers in Marietta, Georgia were friendly, personal, and AWESOME! First off, they showed me some beautiful options for my wedding band and Zack some nice options for his ring as well. Then they showed me a gorgeous Dana Augustine diamond bow necklace. 

If you have not heard of Dana Augustine, you need to go and see one of their shows at Kay. It only comes about once a year, but they have some unique and timeless pieces! I also asked to see some vintage diamond earrings (this is next on my wish list):

Just imagine 2 beautiful emerald cut diamond set in the center of these babies! Perfection! Too bad these little guys are wayyyyy out of my price range....a girl can dream.

 These are also perfect!

The most awesome thing about this experience was finding out that the lady behind the counter reads my blog! It was in that moment that I knew I was doing the right thing by blogging. I was doing something that I love and other people are loving it with me! So shout out to all of my Sweet Peachers! I love you all & I wouldn't be here without each and every one of you.

On another note, check out Tara over at The Penniless Socialite for my blog feature and a great giveaway with Accessory Boutique!

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  1. I was just in Marietta this weekend! Small world...