July 23, 2013

antique finds + DIY

I am so excited to move into my new house in the fall for school and start the decorating process! In
my old apartment I did not have to share a bathroom, but now since I have to share I wanted to find an
old vanity to restore so I could get ready in my own room! I just happened to stumble across the
 PERFECT find! It was an old bright red desk just calling out my name! and for $90 it was such a steal!
I decided I am going to paint it a very light cream color & distress it. I'm going to paint my bedframe
to match this.I also found the most beautiful mirror to hang over it for $40! The frame is an antique
dark gold, but I am planning to spray paint it a bright metallic gold to give it a little face lift! 

But for now, here are some of my favorite vanity inspirations I have found lately...

I also found some other fun gems along the way to add some much needed flare to my little room!
I bought a mirror vanity tray with an intricate gold rim and 3 milk glass vessels. I just cannot get enough
of milk glass! It is so classic!

Here are my fave ways to style milk glass & use a vanity tray...



I cannot wait to finish my own DIY projects and get my room all set up! Pictures to come!

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