July 1, 2013

beach essentials

Due to my way too many visits to our local country club, I have learned that there are some things
that you just can't leave to go to the beach or the pool without! And my list keeps getting even
longer as the years go by....This being said, I have compiled a list of all my favorite things that every
girl should have in her beach tote!

1. Fun Fedora: Everyone needs a cute little hat to protect your noggin'! They have some great and
cheap options at Charlotte Russe and Charming Charlie! I have way too many from both of these
places and I love them all!

2. Cool Shades: I am always on the hunt for the perfect pair of sunnies because mine end up stolen,
lost, or crushed. These ones here are my dream sunnies by GUESS that are way out of my price
range ($140!) but I have come across some great ones at TJ Maxx and Charming Charlie for very
cheap that look just the same!

3. Rubber Flip Flops: For me, I think just old school rubber flip flops do the job because they are
easy to slide off and on! And you can get them in so many fun colors! My personal faves are the
Yellow Box brand because the bottoms are a little bit thicker and are squishy and feel GREAT on my
feet & the houndstooth print is just to die for! I have discovered Havaianas flip flpos though which
are great quality but about $40 a pop. But aren't they just so pretty with their bright colors!?

4. Sunscreen: I swear by any product that is by Neutragena! This particular suncreen is great for
several reasons: it is sheer, water-resistant, broad spectrum, and oil free! Yes, it is a little more
expensive but so worth it!

5. Kindle Paperwhite: I go NO WHERE without my Kindle Paperwhite! My wonderful,
handsome, and caring fiance got this for me for Christmas & I have not put the thing down! It is
perfect size and has so many options for cute cases! It is perfect for reading in the bright sunlight
AND has a backlight for reading at night!

6. Beach Towel: I have such a hard time finding one that is long enough for my amazon legs so I
usually end up bringing 2 with me (#longlegprobs). I will confess, all of my beach towel are either
Hello Kitty or Disney Princess from Target but hey......no shame. If you want to be a little more
chic than I am in the towel department, these hand-woven striped beach towels by Kara Ventures
are just divine!

7. Playtime Goodies: Yes, I do go to the beach with a beach ball and usually some sand castle
building tools.....JUDGE ME. But I love the fun pattern on the C. Wonder beach ball! And of
course it is pink & green!

8. Water Bottle: I can't go out in the sun for long periods of time without a trusty water bottle! I
have been wanting a bkr glass + silicon water bottle but I cannot justify paying for the thing so for
now I love the Water Bobbles at half the price!

9. Chap Stick: The chlorine and the sun combo just dries my lips out to the max! I have switched
to Baby Lips and have never looked back! The name says it all and the best part is you can get it
at your local drug store for about $3!

10. Travel Speaker: For you beach partiers, this is a necessity! This one from C. Wonder
is so just darling!

11. Cover-Up: I have so many dresses that I can throw over a bathing suit & still look cute! I am
not a fan of the t-shirt and norts look when going to the pool or the beach. Sorry to all of you who
do, but dresses are just much more fun!

12. Cute Suit: Probably the most important thing to take with you....A CUTE SUIT! This sweet little
stripey number from J. Crew is perfect!

13. Hair Accessories: For those of you that still have hair (I chopped mine off recently) hair ties
and bobby pins are so important! You need to be able to throw your hair up when the sun just
gets too hot for you! These elastic hair ties are popping up everywhere! They are great because
they don't pull, crease, damage your hair, or fray!

14. Tote: I have been on the hunt for the perfect beach tote lately and this straw and sequin one from Juicy Couture
has the right amount of sparkle for me! And it is on sale for $75! SCORE!

15. Jelly Pouch: This one is darling! C. Wonder has a jelly pouch that is great for putting your
keys, wallet, phone, & beauty products in it! It is great to have one of these because you can take
it out of your tote and bring it with you and it protects all your valuables!

I hope after this list you know what to bring with you for fun in the sun! What is your must have
when you go to the beach or the pool?

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