August 29, 2013

breaking the rules

You know all those people that harp on the fact that you can't wear white after
Labor Day? Ignore them. Keep out your white denim and dress because I am here to tell you
that the world will not end if you wear white after Labor Day. Here are some of my fave white
pieces that are perfect for the transition into the colder months (best thing...they're all under $100):

Some of my favorite ways to wear white after Labor Day...

I love this flirty white denim skirt paired with a simple tee and plaid
button up. Effortless!

A stark white clutch will literally go with anything; even sequins and leather!

Keep your romantic white lace dresses out because they're the perfect
canvas for a jacket or big tote! 

 I love the fuzzy white sweater contrasted against the floral skirt! So chic!

A pair of white wedges are a great staple to have for the colder months!

I throw my white blazer over everything! I love how this one dress
up the graphic tee and black skinnies.

And of course, you can always go monochromatic! This chunky off-white sweater
and white denim is broken up perfectly by the brown belt.

My little piece of advice for the colder months: BE DARING!

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