August 8, 2013

navarre 2013

"What beach are you going to?"
"Oh.....Where is that? "

This is the exact conversation that happened every. Single. Time. It was the perfect place
for my fiance & I to unwind & relax from our crazy daily lives. I just wanted to a little
Insta-recap of our mini vacay & share the little gem of a beach we discovered!

 Confession: I LOVE RAW OYSTERS. I know most people don't but I can't get enough!
Especially if they're fresh from the ocean. We ate at The Black Pearl Grill and just loved their
Sunset Special deal! And with a view right by the shore, we just couldn't resist!

Okay, I normally don't rave about food. But OH MY GOSH, Y'ALL. Best seafood dinner
experience of our lives! I got two words....crawfish pie. That stuff has to be illegal!
Stinky's Fish Camp is a must-eat in Navarre & it was right by our hotel!

The only picture we got together....& it isn't even good quality! But he's still handsome ;)
& I can't get enough of my Cynthia Rowley bird maxi!

Yes, that is a bloody Chuckie doll and yes, it is strapped into someone's passenger seat.
Probably the creepiest thing I've ever seen. Had to share.

Our precious little striped umbrella we purchased! Poor thing struggled with the wind...

The Slippery Mermaid is my new fave sushi joint. Yes, it may be in a little tiny beach hut by the
 shore but it was perfect! We ordered The Sassy Mermaid roll *hair flip* so appropriate!

My favorite thing we did was lay by the beach, read our books, and enjoyed each other's
company while the sun set. I hope that is what Heaven is like.

I give Navarre 4.5 out of 5 seashells
It had beautifully white sand beaches, clear(er) water, less people, & a few little restaurant
treasures. My ONLY criticism....more food options! You know me & my foodie tendencies.
My advice: GO TO NAVARRE! At least once. You'll appreciate it!

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