September 22, 2013

birthday shenanigans

Okay. So I am officially the worst blogger ever. But with school, sorority,
work, AND wedding planning, I never get a break!

 As you all know, it was my birthday last week and I most definitely took my annual
birthday shopping trip! Okay....I took multiple shopping trips. Everyone knows this, I don't
have a birthDAY. I have a birthMONTH. I celebrate during the entire month of September &
I'm not sorry about it. I picked up a few things on my fall essentials list:

1. leather bomber jacket $25  (similar on sale with coupon)
2. J. Crew neon pencil skirt $15 (bought mine on clearance)
3. Charlotte Russe lace up booties $10 (found mine on sale)
4. Charlotte Russe polka dot infinity scarf $5 (all scarves on sale)

 Got these beauties from a biffle with fantastic taste!

ALSO, my fiance gave me probably the best birthday present ever....
TICKETS TO MUMFORD & SONS! I have a slight obsesh with them and they
happened to come to Atlanta on my birthday so it just absolutely had to happen!
Oh & seeing a sister at a concert just makes the experience even better!

It was a great birthday & I want to thank everyone for showing me some love!

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