November 1, 2013

reading list

Yes, I am a horrible blogger. I get it. It's okay. My life is crazy &
wonderful so no complaints from me! But you guys. I have done some
amazing reading lately & I just have to share it with you all! There is 
a slight pattern of dystopian, post-apocalyptic novel with a little
bit of sappy romance built right in! They're my guilty shame.
I also have a knack for picking out series that are not finished yet. Oops.


1 Divergent Trilogy I just could not put this book down....It was absolutely incredible!
In Beatrice Prior’s dystopian Chicago world, society is divided into five factions, each
dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor (the honest),
Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful),
and Erudite (the intelligent). Every young citizen must choose their path. Beatrice's
choice rocks both her world and her family's.

2 Razorland Trilogy New York city has been decimated and all humans are forced to
survive underground. When main character and her partner are exiled from their underground
home to fight for their lives on the surface, she has to choose between life and love. I was on
the edge of my seat the entire time! Definitely a new take on a post-apocalyptic world when
all humans are forced underground to survive! Simply dying to read the last book that
was released just a couple days ago!

3 Legend Trilogy The United States is now run by the Republic and is at war with
all its neighbors. A wealthy, Republic-born military elite, June, crosses paths with a
slum-born criminal, Day, when June's brother is murdered and the prime suspect is Day.
This book is nonstop action and I am waiting impatiently for the third book, Champion,
to come out in just 5 short days!

4 Partials Trilogy When the government is behind the engineering of genetically
engineered soldiers that look like humans called Partials, the human race is almost
completely wiped out by war. The humans were reduced to a mere tens of thousands
due to a weaponized virus called RM and not a single baby that has been born in more
than a decade has survived. The partials are also being wiped out by an expiration date
set by the human engineers and are quickly dwindling. A nurse on the front lines is
trying to save both the human race and the Partials. I seriously could not get enough
of this series! The last book doesn't come out until next March & I am so bummed that
I have to wait that long but I will suffer through!


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