December 5, 2013

college survival guide

As I am drawing near my last few semester of college, there are a few things
that I realized over the years that I simple could not live without! College
is such a different world since you are probably on your own for the very
first time. Ya don't just need your little rolly backpack and a giant zip-up
Lisa Frank binder (so guilty). You need practical grown-up items. Your classes
will be a mile away from each other and 10 minutes apart and you will have
to trek through the pouring rain, blustery wind, & sometimes even sleet & snow
(in my case, literally uphill both ways). I have compiled my favorite list of items
that were life-savers for me & chic at the same time!

1 // Casual Clutch Every girl needs a little clutch to keep her essentials in!
And as far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral! Clare Vivier $205

1 // Snarky sweatshirt There is only one requirement for this sweatshirt - COMFY!
I have several sweatshirts that I can throw on for an all-nighter in the library.
This one has the right amount of cheekiness & comfort! Etsy $35 - sold out

3 // Leggings Yes, as a matter of fact, I do wear leggings as least 3 times
a week. And I’m not sorry about it. Madewell $35

4 // Scarf For those winter months & sub-arctic library temperatures! PIPERLIME $38

5 // Umbrella Keep a small umbrella in your backpack for those nasty rainy days so
you will always be prepared! The automatic ones are my favorite! Tory Burch $48

6 // Jump Drive Necessity doesn’t mean it can't be adorable like this bow one!

7 // Wellies Cute rain boots are a necessity for those long treks across campus
in thepouring rain! These hot pink ones are to die for! Hunters $145

8 // Large Tote I am for real when I say you will need a huge bag to throw everything
in! I use & abuse my Longchamp every day & it is still in perfect condition!

9 // Weekly Planner My planner is an extra limb & I absolutely cannot leave the
house without it!  Make sure there is plenty of space on each day for all your classes,
due dates, appointments, etc.! Sarah Pinto $20

10 // Laptop Sleeve To keep your laptop safe and protected from the ware and tear, a
laptop sleeve is so important! Isn’t this one just darling? Kate Spade $50 - sold out

11 // Water Bottle I carry mine everywhere I go: gym, class, meetings to
keep me hydrated all day long! Lifefactory $20

12 // Wristlet These are perfect for those nights out on the town! They fit
your phone, cash, cards, and more. Nine West $21

13 // Weekender If you like to visit your family back at home like I do you
will most likely live out of one of these. Modcloth $40 - sold out

14 // Blazer A staple that is always great to have  in your closet arsenal for
presentation, interviews, or just to jazz up your outfit! H&M $41

15 // Riding Boots Need I say more? Every college girl needs a go-to pair that can
dress up even the most casual outfits! Michael Kors $325 - sold out

16 // Baseball Cap Believe it or not you will have days that you just don’t have
time to shower - trust me, you will need one of these. J. Crew $48

17 // Brita Water Filter I am so glad I bought this when I moved into my little
apartment! It saves so much money on water bottles & fits perfectly in
even the most cramped fridge! Target $30 - sold out

18 // Earbuds Whether you are going to thegym or working in the
graphics lab (like me), earbuds will let you get pumped, get
focused, & jam out! Victoria’s Secret Pink $8 - sold out

19 // Watch This is the best addition you can make to your arm party! Tortoise goes
with anything, but there are so many gorgeous options! Michael Kors $225

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