January 9, 2014

trend alert: stag swag

Even though the holidays are over, I keep seeing popping up everywhere - STAGS!
There is just something so elegant about a white deer head with gold antlers. My family
made fun of me all Christmas for wanting a white stag head for my wall, but hey.....they
gave it to me & it will hang proudly on a wall our new house! Here are some of my favorite
ways to celebrate this trend after the holidays:

1. Everyone needs a decorative STAG HEAD hanging on their wall! // 2. You can never
have too many throw pillows. This SEQUIN STAG PILLOW is perfect for any
collection. // 3. Just bought this little TABLETOP STAG HEAD to place in our new home
(that we don't have yet) // 4. This DEER HEAD BOWL is great any time of year! (S/O)
5. What is more perfect than two STAGS HEAD BOOK ENDS holding
up your books? (S/O) // 6. DEER HEAD BOTTLE OPENER? Yes, please!

January 8, 2014

sorority girl store

If you are in a sorority, you know how stressful recruitment can be. If you have ever
held the Vice President of Recruitment position you REALLY know how stressful it
can be. I was in a bit of a predicament a few weeks ago and had no way to order the
same bid cards we use last year for recruitment. I contacted Sorority Girl Store &
they worked with me to create a custom bid card that looks exactly the same as the
ones I already had! It was such an easy process!

Not only can they make custom prints, they also have so many cute stationary options!
You can also get custom iPhone cases and custom canvases!

I highly recommend using Sorority Girl Store for your next pretty stationary needs!

chevron folded note card

quote note card

crest note card

emblem note card

January 2, 2014

new years resolutions

It is finally here! 2014 is going to be a big year for my fiance & me.
We're buying a house, getting married, & starting a whole new chapter of
our lives together! It is so exciting & scary all at the same time! Zack asked
me what some of my New Years resolutions were & I drew a blank. I always say
the usual - stop shopping and stop getting fatter. Simple, yet not always effective.
I had to sit down and really think about my resolutions for a year as amazing
as 2014 will be. Here are my New Years Resolutions:

1 LOVE MORE Not just love the people surrounding me more, but loving
myself and loving everything I do.

2 BE CONSISTENT Everyone always says they want to lose weight or
exercise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To me, this is setting yourself
up for a failure. You don't have to lose 35 pounds or work out every day
to stay healthy. You just need to stay consistent. Create a work out
routine that works for you and stick to it or buy local,  fresh ingredients
to cook up a healthy meal a few times a week. If you feel good, you feel happy!

3 SPEND WISELY I always say I need to stop buying clothes, but in reality
that is just not going to happen. We all know I'm an addict. BUT I could
stop buying things I don't need and invest in classic pieces that will last.
Spending wisely doesn't just have to do with money. Spending your time
with people you love, doing things you love to do has a much greater value
than any item of clothing you could have hanging in your closet.

4 SIMPLIFY Simplify my closet. Simplify my fridge. Simplify my agenda.
A lot of aspects of my life need to be just a little bit simpler. A simple
life is a happy life.

5 ENJOY LIFE Slow down, sit back, relax, and enjoy you life. I need
to take this advice probably more than you do. If you know me, you
know I am constantly working on something. If I am sitting down on the
couch you better believe I am working on homework, studying, wedding
planning, or planning for sorority recruitment. Sometimes you just need to
take a deep breath and enjoy the little things.

 What are some of YOUR New Years resolutions?