April 29, 2014

how to: survive college finals week

That crazy time of the year is here! That time where you don't wear real
clothes, don't wash your hair, drink way too much Starbs, & never sleep.
Over my (many) years in college and (many) finals weeks I have learned a
thing or two about how to survive in this stressful time & I am here to share!


1. Find a quiet place to study | Instead of studying in your room with Netflix
tempting you, try studying in a quiet library study room. Studying in a quiet
place often leads to better absorption of information.

2. Switch subjects | If you are planning on studying for an extended amount of
time, try switching between your subjects about every 30 minutes or so to
keep your brain on its toes!

3. Take a break | Study for about an hour or so and then go for a short 10-20
minute walk to wake your brain back up! You will be amazed at how refreshed
you will feel after just a little break!

4. Eat healthy snack | Most people tend to gravitate towards unhealthy, sugary
snacks and energy drinks during times of high stress, but try bringing a handful
of nuts or some fresh veggies to snack on instead. Also remember to drink lots
and lots of water! Dehydration causes fatigue and headaches which can distract
you from your studies.

5. Get your sleep | I cannot stress enough how much a full 8 hours of sleep will
help your studying and testing performance. Try not to pull all-nighters....they hurt
more than help.

6. Create a schedule for yoursef | Blocking out times for all of your assignments
and tests you need to complete or study for can really lead to a more successful
study time. Make sure to focus on due dates and exam times. When you set a goal
and stick to your schedule, there is no reason why you cannot succeed! However,
schedules only work when you stick to them!

7. Go & kick your finals' butts | Just believe you can do this AND keep your sanity!

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